AMTA Austin Unit June 2017 News

The Austin Unit continues to expand and grow! We love seeing new faces join our meetings and appreciate those that continue to volunteer their time to keep our unit running. We have a summer meeting planned (Fall meeting to be announced soon!). Mark your calendars and remember to follow our Facebook page for updates.

If you have any questions or would like more information on how to volunteer or get involved, you can reach us at:

Summer 2017 Dinner and CEU Meeting

AMTA and NON AMTA Members invited

Join us in June for a dinner before our free CEU (3 Hours) Meeting! Date to be determined. RSVP to:

When: Dinner 5:15–6:00 pm | Class 6:15–9:15 pm, TBA

Where: TBA

Class: The Nemerov Method with Howard Nemerov (Please bring, sheets - Table provided)

Compensation—over-recruiting some muscles in order to assist muscles fatigued from overuse or injury—results in persistent patterns of tension, weakness, and pain. These patterns aren’t easily resolved by standard manual therapy. Integrating the Nemerov Method principles and protocols into your knowledge base can quickly resolve persistent biomechanical dysfunction. This 3 CE hour course will teach you to engage your client’s motor control center, creating longer lasting results.

Austin Unit