Of Tantrums and TRAGER®

Imagine a three-year-old toddler throwing a temper tantrum – that’s a small body with big frustration and pain.

Now, imagine that sore, worn-out, tight, and spastic muscles are like this little child, throwing a temper tantrum after a day (week, month, year) of hard work, hard workouts, or hard play.

This is what happens when you see a TRAGER practitioner.

 After the usual formalities, the TRAGER practitioner first takes you through movements to slow your pace, encourage body awareness, and to initiate relaxation in tight areas. Then on the table, she gently brings sensations of softness and weightlessness to your muscles and lightly moves your joints to increase flexibility and fluidity. A TRAGER practitioner lets your body remember how it feels to be and to move without pain. 

Your TRAGER practitioner takes your body back to what it used to feel like when you sat on your grandmama’s lap as a little three year old, when she softly rocked you back into happiness after having a bad day.

After the session your body feels softer and lighter. You are more aware of how it is connected, and how much more responsive it is to movement. Your body is deeply relaxed, yet you are consciously alert.

  • You can breathe again.
  • Your body and spirit already feel better.
  • Your feet are firmly planted on the ground, but
  • You feel light enough to dance among the clouds.
  • You are not hurt anymore.
  • You feel human again.


 - I can see you are skeptical. I would be too, if I were not already familiar with the TRAGER Approach. TRAGER presents an effective and sustainable alternative that offers “no pain and big gain” for clients as well as for massage therapists and body workers.


When I was first introduced to the TRAGER Approach in 1997, I had been a massage therapist for two years and working on my first 200 hours of continuing education. I immediately fell in love with the playfulness of this modality, but I didn’t really pay much attention to its effectiveness. All I knew was that it was fun and that my whole being felt much better after a session or a class. As I became a practitioner and more versed in the work, I realized how effective this gentle modality actually is.

Presently, I use TRAGER principles and movements in every session. They make work easier on me. And now that I am getting older, they help me continue doing the work I love. Working with the TRAGER Approach allows my clients to more quickly experience better results within a comfortable and deeply relaxing session.

- So, you say you still prefer a firm touch?               

 So do I.

The TRAGER Approach to Psychophysical Integration is intriguingly versatile. For instance, somebody with severe neuropathy usually appreciates a steady, soft touch with focus and intention, more similar to energy work. Another client enjoys a more vigorous session with firmer touch and more dynamic movements. In TRAGER, the practitioner adjusts touch to the condition of the client’s body. Whether it is firm or light, touch is always soft and comfortable because the practitioner’s hands are always relaxed and her/his body at ease.

No lotions, crèmes, or oils are used with this modality. This allows the practitioner to work with clients who are extremely allergic to any kinds of oils, lotions, or fragrances. Clients who are very modest can stay dressed and still receive a session with excellent results.

-  Are you curious and wondering how you can learn more about The TRAGER Approach? You find more information on the official TRAGER website.

About the author:

Ruth Bucher has been a licensed massage therapist since 1995, massage therapy instructor and pre-approved continuing education provider since 2009, a certified TRAGER Practitioner since 2000, and TRAGER introductory workshop leader since 2014. She has been a member of the AMTA since 1995.

Ruth is originally from Switzerland and a naturalized citizen of her chosen home country since 2004. She now lives and works in Fort Worth, TX.

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